Sunday, 24 April 2016

A return to Hashing!

For whatever reasons, running has not been happening on a regular basis for me. Still now that the hashing has returned to Monday evenings, Becci and I are hoping to be able to join this illustrious crew whenever we can. 

Becci continues to study at degree level whilst working and running a home and looking after her family. My hat goes off to her for even getting herself to the run this evening when we all met at The Swan pub in Chappel.

Chappel boasts a grade 1 European monument (hope that isn't revoked if we leave the community!) that is a viaduct

Mersea Island Hash House Harriers boast their own grade 1 seven wonders of the word too
it's sartorial prowess and it is hard to imagine beating this for
imagination and elegance

Runners at dusk - how I've missed this sight recently

The may is out but for me it is definitely not time to cast a clout
and if you want to pick a fight with me over that saying: read on

What a bright and breezy lot we make running through the fields of
Essex (frightening the animals and worrying the locals)

I remember that safety saying: wear something bright at night

I know what Becci's laughing at but I'm certainly not going to let you in to the joke!

Well another hash under our belt and just enough time, before we settle down for a
pint in the pub, to wonder at the art in the car park 

Did I mention the viaduct?

Becci perusing the menu (before settling for our usual packet of crisps) in front of
a roaring log fire, which we think must have been apple or cherry wood, which
was perfuming the pub
 It was good to get back out with everyone and enjoy the change, running across fields and softer surfaces after months of road running. Despite the huge amount of rain recently it was surprisingly dry but I do have some lovely muddy trainers to clean up. Happy work.

Well - there is no doubt about it, I am having to hit the gym with a
vengeance after the pitiful performance I put in at the hash


  • Oh no we should have known it would be you two (oops sorry about that - front runners have to run to the back of the field of runners and, it was Becci and me!)

Well that's all folks!

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